FAQs | Quad Biking in Dubai

Here we are discuss about Frequently Asked Questions of Quad Biking in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book the tour of quad biking in Dubai?

It’s very easy to book your tour, you can call us or WhatsApp to us and you can rent quad bikes in Dubai. 

Who can drive the quad bike in Dubai?

Under 3 years old and pregnant can’t drive the quad bike.

Is there any license to required to drive a quad biking in Dubai?

No, there is no required license to drive the quad bike.

Is quad biking safe?

Yes Absolutely, Quad biking in Dubai is safe.  Just listen the tour guide instruction and follow. 

How to wear dress for quad biking in Dubai?

We don’t implement any particular dress for quad biking. But we do recommend you to wear loose and comfortable dress for you. Avoid long dress because maybe they get trapped in the wheels or on the sand.

Is quad biking difficult?

No, it’s not difficult, once you need to know that how to drive quad bike and follow the instructions given by the tour guide of quad biking.

How can we pay for a Quad biking?

You pay cash or card for the payment.

What is the time duration of quad bike tour in Dubai?

The time duration of quad biking activity is 30 minutes and 1 hour. It depends upon your tickets that you purchased.

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